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What is a special printing
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The printing skill is composed by the usual printing skill and the special printing skill two parts.
(1) usual printing skill: Refers to process making lithograph plates, printing, the India postprocessing batch imitation writing, the drawing means.Namely as accepts for printing the material take the paper, take the relief printing, the flat pack or the intaglio as the most important format, take transmits the information as the most important goal, take prints the newspaper, the books and periodicals and so on usually prints as the priority target printing means.
(2) special printing: Refers selects is different with usual making lithograph plates, printing, the India postprocessing means and the material produces the special use the printing means always to call.In other words, prints besides printing the printing means which other print is usually special printing.
Special-purpose printing is the skill terminology which relatively usual printing says outside, is usually prints for satisfaction printing sum total of the printing means which under certain specific situations prints.If take packing material as most important product printing, namely packing printing; As accepts for printing the material take the fabric fabric printing; Take the glass plate, the glass vessel as accepts for printing glass printing; Take the metal plate, the metal pot as accepts for printing metal printing; Take the cardboard, the paper carton, the corrugated cardboard as accepts for printing paper vessel printing; Take prints the principle specially as the foundation static electricity flocking, the stereoscopic printing, hologram printing, hot extension India, moves India as well as negotiable securities printing and so on for the special-purpose printing typical demonstration.
Thus it can be seen, in the special-purpose printing essence belongs to special printing the domain, also can think, special-purpose printing is the special printing most important constituent