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Four color India color washing foreword
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Currently, there are many small and medium sized manufacturers are using single-color offset printing to overprint color live, simple printed materials overprint color, single-sided four-color overprint generally speaking majority, but also some positive and negative printing overprint of eight colors. This will demand printing quality, high precision, but also demand printing operator skill than deep, and in the process should pay attention overprint printing color sequence of rational organization:
Usually four color printing machine color sequence of rational organization is: black, blue, red, yellow, also has wrestled color sequence yellow, red, blue, black printing. Four-color printing, color printing with a shorter distance between color, ink is not dry time, attributed to the wet-on-wet method of trapping, and color and monochrome printing, color printing longer distance between the printing second color, the first color has become dry, so dry overprint attributed to wet stack method, precisely because of trapping methods are not the same color sequence organizations have also been different. Monochrome color sequence organization of many, but what kind of detailed color sequence can be selected separately from the following aspects to think about:
One based on the brightness of the three primary colors to organize the first printing color sequence dark, bright after printing, namely blue, black-printed, red, yellow after printing.
2 based on transparency and opacity organization tricolor ink color sequence, poor transparency of the blue, black-printed, good transparency yellow red ink after printing.
3 based on size of graphics area to organize the color sequence of the first Indian small graphic, after the full version or large format graphic printing.
4 based on original characteristics, with warm colors and full-color pictures first printed in blue or black, but with cold tone-based color picture first printed red or yellow.
5 by overprinting to think, the first printed color overprint difficult. When the printing press is usually scenery blue, yellow sequence printing, and figure drawing red and yellow sequence printing press.
The use of monochrome printing four color printing color sequence advocated as: blue, red, yellow, black, so, just before the two-color overprint precision, outstanding color, behind the two-color overprint even a little flaw will not be too conspicuous. Operator for the ink to note that for the pure ink stick, ink in a clean nature towards the end or at the end, the best can add a small amount to the next line printing inks, and then clean it again from scratch. Especially in dark ink for light colored ink, the best machines can clean it twice