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Digital printing has unparalleled advantages
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With traditional printing, digital printing has an unparalleled advantage. Traditional printing is a direct or indirect approach, the picture or the original text is printed, the version with the colorant ink, the charge will be colorants ink handling on the paper or other substrate, and rapid and large imitation of an Industrial Engineering. The digital printing for a personalized on-demand produce market, the workflow is: Electronic pre-press System → press → Print. It can be any time, any address, any number of printing services; 5 Mr NGAN Kam-chuen 6 color digital printing system to a printed, complete variable data printing, on every page of the picture or text in a printed one after another. With greater flexibility, small footprint, and use a more convenient.
Although digital printing is currently the above advantages, but it is not currently a digital press in domestic use and is not ideal. Although several years ago began to digital printing for the promotion, digital press is also several times into the top, but it is in use is still on the laurels, most digital printing devices are still in the experimental, during the trial, and to the current date, many digital press is still not begin the mass unit.
Although the current domestic digital printing areas there are many questions, but, as a new way of printing, digital printing of the Shopping Center and future development prospects is unquestionable. followed by social business activities are growing day by day and, all living and consumption levels of advancement, and personalized printing to members of a required. On a company IC Manuals, trade promotion, restaurant menu, permits, license plates, greeting cards, badges, invitations, Direct Mail, Print, and more than we expect to be able to anytime, anywhere in the desired quantity to print, and we look forward to the overnight call the shorter the better, and offer more affordable, and this requires forcing traditional printing business looking for new services, digital printing, it happens with a traditional printing, supply the opening up of new markets. To be able to say that, with personalized digital printing of endless market potential and the input-output ratio, it is impossible to ignore.