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Asia's leading printing future
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 Renowned printing exhibition-Asian printing technology exhibition (Asia printing), will be in China November 2006 3-· Guangzhou Huacheng World Convention and Exhibition Center was organized. This exhibition will feature the latest printing technology and equipment from around the world, devices, packaging and information.
Two in one business concept
Asia printing with 2006AAE Asia Exhibition 2006 will share the world's resources operator. Exhibitors from China, Southeast Asia, Germany, and Japan and the United States, Italy and so on more than 20 countries and regions, view from more than 60 countries and regions. A grand exhibition, two sessions per year, exhibition area of 40,000 square meters. Fair collection of a wide range of top printing technology, consisting of prepress/printing/printing/digital printing/labeling and not dry glue/screen printing/advertising/packaging machinery and materials, such as eight Junior College District, printing, advertising, packaging, retail, commercial and manufacturing industries, and other diverse needs of different occupations, printing solutions depends on every detail.
In view of the Asia-Pacific economic development, particularly the processing industry, the rapid expansion of the manufacturing sector in China, led to printing equipment, product and need help the weak. Over the years, China printing industry continues to increase at an average rate of 15% in 2004 in the printing industry production value of about 2,600 billion yuan. In the development of Chinese printing industry, agile breakout abutting the PRD use Hong Kong's strengths, the annual output value of up to 50 billion dollars, becoming the most important printing base
Advertising industry in China continues to increase at an average rate of 26%. 2004, China Taiwan of advertising spent total arrived 359.3 billion yuan, more last year increased near 27%, in the course of the, China mainland of advertising spent up 193.5 billion yuan, than 2003 increased 25%, China has into because global fifth big advertising Mall. over held of Asia advertising Expo cooperation changing of career trend, snare various of advertising cards and complies made equipment, and annex and the photographic rubber,, deeply engaged in advertising cards, and digital impression, and advertising, and planning and the PR career, people looks forward to.
This exhibition is based on printing and advertisement for the subject of two and a trade show, this exhibition will help print advertising company opened up the Chinese at home and abroad, as well as the overseas market, the supply of printing professional supplier and product display and information communication business operator in the world. Countries will be to attract career resolutions at that time Professor program officials, technology, management skills and a passion for impression users to come and experience the wonderful plan.
Asia Asia show all answered on printing technology and advertising printing, packing, advertising and impression of immense need. A three-day exposition will be for suppliers and buyers to create a one-stop communications platform, for working to introduce new skills and concepts.